Age Discrimination

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I believe I was the victim of reverse Age Discrimination because of my young age. Can I make a claim?

The ADEA does not authorize claims for reverse age discrimination, however such claims have been brought under the New York State Human Rights law. If you feel you have been a victim,it is important to contact an age discrimination attorney as soon as possible.

I believe I have a claim for Age Discrimination. What types of damages are available if I prevail?

Under the ADEA back pay damages are the most frequently awarded form of damages. Damages may also include front pay, liquidated (double) damages in the event of a willful violation, and attorneys fees. Under the New York State Human Rights Law similar damages are recoverable, as well as, under some circumstances, compensatory damages (damages meant to compensate the plaintiff for the harm).

Personal Injury

Have you been injured at a job site, or in a vehicle? D’Orazio Peterson is an experienced Personal Injury law firm. If you have experienced serious injury due to negligence or malice, be sure to contact us to see what we can do to help you receive the justice you deserve.

Employment Law

If you were recently laid off during maternity leave or you’re having trouble at work and think discrimination is to blame, you have the right to fight back against your employer’s poor behavior. D’Orazio Peterson handles employment law cases involving FMLA violations and incidents of discrimination based on age, gender, race or disability.

Medical Errors

Medical errors are a leading cause of death, and many are preventable. We work towards eliminating those errors.