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New York Personal Injury Video Library

Welcome to the New York Personal Injury Video Library

On this page we discussed frequently asked questions surrounding accidents and injuries in the State of New York.  Do you have additional questions?  If so contact us today.
1 - How do I know when I need a New York Injury lawyer
2 - How can I afford to pay a New York Injury Lawyer
3 - What will people think if I hire a lawyer after an accident?
4 - What does an "injury case" actually look like?
5 - Orthopedic surgeons vs. podiatrists - what's the difference?
6 - Liens - what are they and why are they important in a New York injury case?
7 - Who represents a minor following an injury in New York?
8 - Mediation - what is it and is it helpful in a New York Injury case?
9 - How long does a car accident lawsuit take in New York?
10 - Will your personal injury lawsuit go to trial?

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