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    We believe in educating individuals about their legal rights before hiring a lawyer; empowering them to stand up for those rights; and using our knowledge and experience to guide them toward the right decisions in difficult situations. Legal problems are not one size fits all.

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Meet the Partners

Scott M. Peterson

Scott M. Peterson is the founding partner of D'Orazio Peterson, having left a partnership at a large regional law firm to limit his practice and focus on exclusively representing individuals in a small number of employment and serious injury/medical malpractice matters.

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Giovanna A. D'Orazio

Giovanna A. D'Orazio has experience litigating, among other things, commercial, general civil, employment, land use and personal injury matters in New York State and federal courts. Giovanna also has experience litigating Article 78 proceedings in New York State court.

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Lawyers like to talk about themselves.

Don't take our word for it. See what our clients have to say.

Education. Empowerment. Guidance.

Life changing events happen.  You cannot rewind time and plan better, stop a devastating injury to yourself or a family member, or stop severe sexual harassment.

What you can do is learn what to do to protect yourself. Your family.  And then take action.

That's where we come in. We believe in educating individuals about their legal rights and the complex legal process before they hire a lawyer.

Once hired, we empower our clients to protect their family legacy and stand up for their rights against large institutions and insurance companies when things go wrong.

Along the way we use our knowledge and experience to advocate for and guide our clients towards making the right decisions for themselves and their families.  

Serious Injuries and Medical Errors

If you, or someone you care about, have been seriously injured you very likely have many questions, about your care, rights, and how to protect your family. We answer these questions every day. We represent clients in serious injury cases including:

Sexual Harassment and FMLA retaliation

If you have been subjected to severe sexual harassment, or terminated after exercising your rights under the FMLA, we may be able to help. Our employment practice is limited to helping individuals in the most severe cases of inappropriate sexual harassment and discrimination.


How We Can Help You (What Makes Us Different)

Every law firm will tell you that they have many years of “combined experience”, or that they've collected “millions” for clients, or that they offer “free consultations”. We can say that too, but we don't think it's helpful to you.

We take a different approach to representing clients.

We only represent individuals, families and small, local, businesses. Not big companies or insurance companies. Ever. 

We are not a large firm mill. Intentionally. We both started our careers in large law firms and decided long ago to stay small. We accept a small number of cases and focus on them. This means that your case will not be dumped onto someone else.

Curious as to how we determine what cases to accept?  Read more here.

Other lawyers trust us to refer their friends, family and clients with Estate Planning and employment and serious injury matters. This often includes lawyers who have been on the opposite side of us in the past. Referrals make up the majority of our business.

We are married, to each other. Because of that we very much take a family approach to our law firm and to our clients. Clients are not numbers to us; they are an extension of our family and we take that seriously.

We turn away most litigation cases. You may think this is not a good thing, but doing so allows us to focus completely on those cases that we do accept.

We are transparent. We believe that the more you know, the better we will have served you. We don't believe that the legal profession should be shrouded in mystery. We provide a ton of information – both on our website and throughout the course of our representation – because we believe that educating you is a critical step in the process.


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