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Jury Verdict for Whistleblower

Jury Verdict for Whistleblower

New York State laws protecting whistleblowers are tough on Plaintiffs.  The burden to succeed is high, and many cases are either dismissed or lose at trial.  Not so in the case of an asbestos removal employee.

Our client was a former employee of an asbestos removal company who had observed what he believed to be illegal and improper removal from multiple job sites.  He complained to his supervisors, but nothing was done.

One day while at home in between work assignments our client received a call from a co-worker, again complaining about what he thought was questionable removal of asbestos.  Our client went to the site, retrieved the bag of asbestos, took a photo of it and texted it to his employer.  He was terminated.

We litigated the case through discovery and trial.  After a six day trial the jury returned a verdict in only forty minutes for our client.  

The court will make a determination of damages, but in this case attorneys fees are recoverable for a successful plaintiff.  Attorneys fees provisions in certain laws make it easier for plaintiffs' attorneys to bring lawsuits in cases which may otherwise be cost prohibitive.  


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