Personal Injury

Have you been injured at a job site, or in a vehicle? D’Orazio Peterson is an experienced Personal Injury law firm. If you have experienced serious injury due to negligence or malice, be sure to contact us to see what we can do to help you receive the justice you deserve.

Employment Law

If you were recently laid off during maternity leave or you’re having trouble at work and think discrimination is to blame, you have the right to fight back against your employer’s poor behavior. D’Orazio Peterson handles employment law cases involving FMLA violations and incidents of discrimination based on age, gender, race or disability.

Medical Errors

Medical errors are a leading cause of death, and many are preventable. We work towards eliminating those errors.

Empowering Individuals

  • Case Study - A rescinded Notice of Termination constitutes an "Adverse Employment Action"

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    The Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York recently held that a rescinded notice of termination constituted an "adverse employment action" under the law. Read more to learn why this is important for employees.

  • The Potential Consequences of Participating in a Hate Rally from an Employment Perspective

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    Like so many others, we were horrified by the images coming out of Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend. As days go by, we are starting to hear about repercussions for participants in the white supremacist/Nazi rally. Public shaming and loss of employment because of ostensibly “free speech” are two issues we talk about a lot on our blog.

  • Paid Family Leave Is Coming to New York

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    Paid family leave is coming to New York. Here's some helpful information.

  • New report highlights difficulties and advantages in employment discrimination lawsuits

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    A new report suggests that trials are difficult for employment discrimination plaintiffs, but also that most cases are settled.

  • Important, employee friendly, FMLA decision issued by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

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    The Second Circuit Court of Appeals issued a decision that helps workers under the Family & Medical Leave Act ("FMLA").

Education.  Empowerment. Guidance.


We believe in educating individuals about their legal rights before they hire a lawyer.

We believe that our role, once hired, is to empower individuals to stand up for their rights against large companies.

We also believe in using our knowledge and experience to guide individuals towards making the right decisions.  Sometimes that means filing a lawsuit.  Sometimes it does not.  Legal problems are not one size fits all.


Serious Injuries and Medical Errors

If you, or someone you care about, have been seriously injured you very likely have many questions, about your care, rights, and how to protect your family.  We answer these questions every day.  We represent clients in serious injury cases including:


Discrimination and retaliation

 Discrimination and retaliation at work can take many forms.  Rarely does a boss say to an employee, “you're fired because you're a woman.”  Most often discrimination is more subtle, like a slow growing illness.  It starts small, but slowly grows to the point where, eventually, the employee is either fired, or has no choice but to resign.  We dedicate our practice to helping empower victims of workplace discrimination and retaliation.  We firmly believe that every individual should be able to go to work, do her job in peace, and go about her day.  Unfortunately, this does not always happen. 

If you're facing problems in the workplace you've come to the right place. D'Orazio Peterson represents victims of workplace discrimination and retaliation throughout New York State in many areas, including discrimination and retaliation based upon:

What Makes Us Different?

Every law firm will tell you that they have many years of “combined experience”, or that they've collected “millions” for clients, or that they offer “free consultations”.  We can say that too, but we don't think it's helpful to you. 

We take a different approach to representing victims

We only represent individuals and small, local, companies.  Not big companies or insurance companies.  Ever.  We also do not dabble in several practice areas - we limit our practice to representing individuals and small, local, companies, in employment and personal injury/medical malpractice cases.  That's it.

We are not a large firm millIntentionally.  We both started our careers in large law firms and decided long ago to stay small.  We accept a small number of cases and focus on them.  This means that your case will not be dumped onto someone else. 

Other lawyers trust us to refer their friends, family and clients with employment and serious injury matters.  This often includes defense lawyers.  Referrals make up the majority of our business.  

We are married, to each other.  Because of that we very much take a family approach to our law firm and to our clients.  Clients are not numbers to us; they are an extension of our family and we take that seriously.

We turn away most cases.  You may think this is not a good thing, but doing so allows us to focus completely on those cases that we do accept. 

We are transparent.  We believe that the more you know, the better we will have served you.  We don't believe that the legal profession should be shrouded in mystery.  We provide a ton of information – both on our website and throughout the course of our representation – because we believe that educating you is a critical step in the process.

If you would like an immediate case review please complete our employment, medical malpractice or general intake questionnaire today.