Car Accident FAQ

Empowering Individuals

Should I settle my injury claim while I'm still receiving medical treatment?

It may be tempting to want to settle a claim while you're still in treatment, but you must consider some things before you do.  Learn more here.

I was struck by a driver who was texting while driving.  What can/should I do?

This is, unfortunately, become more and more common. Here are five common questions and answers.

I was hit by someone as a pedestrian but was also issued a ticket. Can I still recover?

Pedestrians and cyclists often unintentionally violate one or more "rules of the road".  Does this prohibit recovery if they are struck by a car or truck?  Learn more here.

I was injured by a drunk driver.  What do I do now?

Despite massive education about the risks of alcohol impaired driving, this still accounts for nearly one-third of auto fatalities.  Learn what to do if you or a family member were struck by a drunk driver here.

I was recently involved in a car accident.  How do I know whether to settle with the insurance company or file a lawsuit?  

Despite what you may see on tv commercials, there is no cut and paste answer.  Each case and client are different.  Read some of the considerations here.

I was hit and injured by a large truck on the highway.  Who is responsible?

Large truck and bus accidents are increasing, despite the vehicles becoming more safe.  Learn about who may be held responsible for an accident here.

If I received a ticket following an accident with a truck or bus, can I still recover for my injuries?

Following a large truck or bus accident it is often the case that both parties are ticketed.  Generally speaking this does not mean that you have no right to recover for your injuries.  Learn more here.

Personal Injury

Have you been injured at a job site, or in a vehicle? D’Orazio Peterson is an experienced Personal Injury law firm. If you have experienced serious injury due to negligence or malice, be sure to contact us to see what we can do to help you receive the justice you deserve.

Employment Law

If you were recently laid off during maternity leave or you’re having trouble at work and think discrimination is to blame, you have the right to fight back against your employer’s poor behavior. D’Orazio Peterson handles employment law cases involving FMLA violations and incidents of discrimination based on age, gender, race or disability.

Medical Errors

Medical errors are a leading cause of death, and many are preventable. We work towards eliminating those errors.