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“I would never consider using any other law firm!!”

“This was the first time I ever needed an attorney and could not have asked for any better! Scott was on top of everything, only had my best interest and was very professional. He kept me well informed and updated throughout the entire case! My settlement was beyond anything I could of imagined and I would never consider using any other law firm!”


KF was a podiatry malpractice client, who came to us after dealing with a painful foot for years following surgery by an area podiatrist.  An active woman with a young child, KF had initially sought treatment for a minor foot complaint.  Flash forward a year and she had been through multiple foot surgeries and had a pronounced limp.

Unfortunately, KF's podiatrist improperly performed a procedure commonly known as a "bunionectomy", where he attempted to remove bone from the outside part of KF's large toe.  The problem occurred when the podiatrist took off too much bone, causing an imbalance that could never be completely repaired.  

In KF's case the podiatrist refused to admit that he did anything wrong, so we took the case all the way through trial where, after several days, the jury returned a verdict in KF's favor for more than $200,000.  The case was settled shortly after trial for the amount of the jury verdict.

– K. F.

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