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Child Protection Planning

Planning to Protect Your Children

We are parents.  So when we talk about the concerns with protecting our children they effect us too!

The fortunate part is that, with comprehensive legal planning, these problems and more can be avoided. That is why we offer a Specific Plan to Protect Your Children to every family with minor children.

Our Child Protection Plan includes a specific set of legal documents, caregiver instructions, and even an ID card for your wallet. If you are in an accident, your Child Protection Plan will help to make sure your children are never taken into the custody of strangers or anyone else you would not want. These clear instructions inform the Police and ensure your children will always be in the care of people you, and they, know and trust.

The majority of “traditional” estate planning attorneys do not address these issues. They do not plan from a parent's perspective and they do not have the training and practice required expertise to fill all of the gaps that exist in traditional estate plans.

Your children (whether they know it or not) are counting on you to protect them.  With a little bit of planning you ensure that they are protected.   To learn more contact us today.

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