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Cases We Accept

The reality is that we cannot represent the majority of those who call our office for help.  We are intentionally small, as this allows us to direct all of our efforts towards those cases that we accept.  Don't worry, if we can't help you we will try to give you some helpful information.

Cases that we accept generally meet the following criteria:

1)    You were terminated or forced to resign from a position.  We generally do not represent current employees.  There are exceptions in extreme cases, but ordinarily if you are still employed you have probably not suffered sufficient recoverable damages (link) to warrant hiring us.

2)     You worked for a large company or municipality.  The majority of cases that we handle are against large private employers (at a minimum with more than 20 employees) or municipalities.  In the private sector we represent victims from smaller companies to those who work for Fortune 500 companies.  In the public sector we represent those in the protective services (police, fire, EMS, military) as well as those who work in positions with State and Local Governments.  

3)    There is clear proof of discrimination or retaliation.  Not every case has a “smoking gun,” in fact many do not.  Often the proof of discrimination is less obvious, and can include records of how other employees were treated or promoted, negative action in close proximity in time to a medical leave, or something else.  We accept cases where we believe there is clear proof that discrimination occurred.  This means that if all that you have to go on is a suspicion that someone treated you illegally, we likely will not accept your case.

4)    You have significant monetary losses.  The primary element of damages in employment discrimination and retaliation cases is economic loss – the amount of money that you have lost as a result of the illegal conduct.  This can include lost wages, benefits or retirement (link).  In some cases other damages are recoverable, including attorneys fees, damages for emotional distress (link) and, on rare occasions, punitive damages (link).

    Employment discrimination cases are expensive and time consuming to pursue.  The law is complex, the lawyers who defend these cases are smart and prepared, and the federal court system is full of procedural hurdles that must be considered.  Because of this we are simply unable to accept cases where the likelihood of a significant recovery is lacking.

5)    We believe in you and want to help.  As trial lawyers we know that one of the most important factors in jury trials (link) is whether the jury likes and trusts the plaintiff.  If they find the plaintiff un-credible, or un-likeable, the case is over.

    We work hard to help our clients, but as a rule we do not work with people whom we do not trust to be truthful, or those who we simply feel that we cannot help.   Every time we pursue a case our reputation is on the line along with yours, and we take that seriously.  

Areas We Serve: We proudly represent clients in the following cities and counties throughout

New York State.

    Albany, Troy, Rensselaer, Schenectady, Latham, Saratoga Springs, Saratoga county, Glens Falls, Warren County, Plattsburgh, Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Binghamton, New York County, Kings County, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Westchester County, Ulster County, Kingston, Poughkeepsie.  

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